Spodooki Trading CardsSpodooki cards are hand drawn illustrations by nine different artists, from all around Australia, as well as two from overseas.  The drawings are mainly done in paint or pencil, and there are between 3 and 7 cards within each category to collect.

Ester Kasepuu, one of the many Spodooki illustrators, has drawn quite a few categories for Spodooki – for both the Pink Series of cards, and the soon-to-be launched Mint Series cards as well. Ester lives on a farm in NSW and if you look closely, usually paints animals into her Spodooki illustrations – and this is why: Ester’s farm is a menagerie of animals including 7 horses, 7 dogs, 2 geese, 2 sheep, 3 goats, 2 kangaroos, 5 angora rabbits, a cat and a duck. Wow!

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