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The Pink Series of Spodooki cards, so named for the colour of the packs, has 72 cards in the range to collect. The Mint series, in a minty green coloured packs, has 100 cards to collect, and the  Sapphire series, you guessed it, blue colour packs, there are 108 cards to collect.

Each pack has 6 cards and a mini brochure illustrating all the cards in the range to collect.  The small box below each illustration is for you to mark off those you have.  Of the 6 cards, 5 are regular printed cards and there will be 1 special card.  The special card will have a special finish on it eg. glitter cards, shiny cards, there or gold or silver foil cards.  Gold foil cards are the rarest – there’s only one in every 10 packs.

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Click here to download the pink series checklist Click here to download the mint series checklist

The Spodooki swap card album is a great way to display, store, and protect your swap cards. Ask your local shop if they stock them, or the albums can be bought here on the Spodooki website under “How To Buy” for $9.95.

The album holds 216 cards, so it’s plenty big enough to store at least two sets of Spodooki.

Click here to download the sapphire series checklist



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